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The Columbus Museum exhibits the French avant-garde of the late 19th Century with ‘Beyond Impressionism’.

Tuesday, November 28

The Columbus Museum, in partnership with Guggenheim Spain, is currently exhibiting the show ‘Beyond Impressionism – Paris, Fin de Siècle:  Signac, Redon, Toulouse-Lautrec and their contemporaries’. The exhibition analyzes the Parisian art scene during the late 19th Century through 125 artworks created at the end of the rise of Impressionist artists. Beyond Impressionism focuses particularly on the radical innovations of the Neo-Impressionists, Symbolists, and Nabis, bringing to America works of the leading exponents of these movements, such as Paul Signac, Maximilien Luce, Maurice Denis, Pierre Bonnard and Odilon Redon.

The end of the 19th Century was a period of political upheaval and intense cultural transformation in Paris. This scenario inspired and staged the emergence of a great variety of artistic movements and expressions created during turbulent times. These movements and artists were very different in terms of style, however, they shared a common goal: to create art with a universal impact. Despite the diversity of styles, their subject matter remained mostly the same of their still-active Impressionist predecessors: landscapes, the modern city, and leisure-time activities, adding introspective scenes and fantastical visions to the repertoire

The exhibition focuses on avant-garde movements, especially on some of the most important artists of the period who - influenced by the intense environment - crafted compositions that are anti-naturalistic in form and execution. Exhibited together, the artworks featured in this exhibition are expressions of a tumultuous era, thus helping us to understand a complex scenario of opposed aesthetic and philosophical theories. These works mirror a time of transformations, embracing utopian conceptions, fantastical visions; and peculiar depictions of contemporary life.

The Columbus Museum will be the only institution in the United States to host this exhibition, turning this into an exceptional opportunity to view rarely seen, late 19th-century French avant-garde works from private European collections. The exhibition runs through January 21 2018. For more information, click here. The exhibition catalogue can be purchased here

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