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5 Great Items You Can Only Purchase in a Museum Store

Tuesday, March 20

Museum stores can be magical places, unlocking moments of time through art, history and ancient artifacts. When visiting a museum, it is no wonder that we would want to take some of this magic home with us in the form of a souvenir. A visit to the museum gift shop can be just as magical as a visit to the museum itself, offering unique items that can serve as mementos, that remind us of our experience. Here are just some examples of these terrific gift shop items.

Abe Penny Cufflinks by Stacey Lee Webber: There is nothing cooler than being able to incorporate the great men of history into a wearable piece of jewelry. These Abe Lincoln cufflinks will stand out as a conversation piece and a sign of intellect and creativity. Each pair features a hand-cut penny with sterling silver findings soldered onto it. They are available at the National Museum of American Jewish History. Check it on

Bodies at Work Silk Scarf by Ruben Toledo: Anyone who was lucky enough to see the Bodies at Work exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art, has witnessed Toledo’s incredible merging of fashion and art, as well as the expression of his relationship with his wife Isabel. Fans have the opportunity to take the artwork home with them and display it wherever they go by wearing this beautiful 100% silk scarf with hand rolled edges. Available at the Columbus Museum of Art. See it on:

Warhol Soup Can 200 Piece Puzzle: A puzzle is a relaxing activity and a great way to challenge the mind and recreate works of art. Children and adults alike will enjoy fitting together the 200 pieces that make up Warhol’s famous Soup Can painting. Available at the Brooklyn Museum. Buy it on:

Mona Lisa Clock: Leonardo DaVinci may have painted her the first time around, but Constantin Boym recreated her into this critically acclaimed avant-garde design which sends a humorous message about time and timelessness that goes beyond the Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile. First created in 1987, the popular item has been reproduced and can be purchased at the Columbus Museum of Art. Buy it here:

The Art Book: Our busy lives may not allow us to visit a museum every day, but The Art Book can give us the experience of visiting an art museum, right in the comfort of our very own homes. The book is an A-Z guide of 600 great artists spanning medieval to modern times, defying genres and classification. Now in its midi format, portable second addition, the book can be purchased at the Columbus Museum of Art. Buy it on

A museum is a great place to learn, view and experience different cultures. A museum gift shop gives you the opportunity to take a part of this experience home with you, whether it’s in something you can play with, wear, or put on display. The next time you visit your favorite museum, be sure to check out the gift shop to find a souvenir that you will treasure.


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