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Monday, November 20

American Realism: the first American vanguard movement

American Realism was born in New York, and practiced by the artists who became known as members of the "Ashcan School". American Realism formed the artistic basis for later modern American art, such as the Pop Art movement

Tuesday, November 14

Warhol 32 Cambell's Soup Cans to Form the Heart of the Whitney's Warhol Retrospective, Coming Next Year

Plus 5 facts you didn't know about this iconic Pop Art masterpiece. By Felipe Luiz Tiradentes dos Santos

Sunday, October 22

Artist Alexis Rockman captures the ecological life of the Great Lakes in new exhibit to debut at the Grand Rapids Art Museum

A detail from “Spheres of Influence” showing dead waterfowl and the Northwest Orient plane that crashed into Lake Ontario in 1950. Credit Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times